Catalogue of Planetary Analogues is LIVE!

Finally, after two years, I get to see all the work I have been doing freely available online!

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I have been secretly creating The Catalogue of Planetary Analogues for the European Space Agency. A science Lonely Planet-type guide to sites on the Earth that mimic those on the Mars and the Moon.

Planetary missions to the Moon and Mars have returned high-resolution images that show complex surface landforms in unprecedented detail. Spectral datasets from mission instruments reveal the presence of a wide array of mineral species on the surface. These discoveries are changing analogue site requirements for understanding the formation and processes occurring on our nearest neighbours, and for planning future exploratory missions. Analogue filed sites are now expected to include complementary examples of surface processes, rock types, mineral species, and microbial habitats as might be presently, or once were, present on the Moon and Mars. Over the last 60 years, the range and diversity of terrestrial analogues has expanded tenfold. The Catalogue of Planetary Analogues is a result of this growth and the need to collate these sites into a single space for use in scientific, engineering, mission planning and educational activities.

Here is the link to ESA’s General Studies Program site “Finding alien worlds on Earth” and to a PDF of the catalogue itself.

The response to this catalogue has been really positive, and you can read some of the press below:

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